Todd-AO Mixes “G.I. Joe”, “Funny People”

Re-Recording Mixers Scott Millan and David Parker have recently completed two film projects on Stage 2 at Todd-AO West, G.I. JOE: RISE OF THE COBRA and FUNNY PEOPLE. FUNNY PEOPLE, directed by Judd Apatow, is scheduled for a July 31st release by Universal Pictures. Directed by Stephen Sommers, G.I. JOE: RISE OF THE COBRA is slated for release August 7th by Paramount Pictures.

Sound Editorial services for G.I. JOE were provided by Soundelux. Supervising Sound Editors were Per Hallberg and Karen Baker Landers.
Millan, Parker, Baker Landers and Hallberg all received Academy Awards in 2007 for THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM. Millan is a 4-time Oscar winner. Parker and Hallberg have won two Oscars. THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM was Baker Landers’ first Oscar.


2 Responses to Todd-AO Mixes “G.I. Joe”, “Funny People”

  1. abstraktdj518 says:

    I can’t wait to see Funny People. I love Adam Sandler, and Judd Apatow has directed 2 great movies so far. I’m excited!!!

  2. duckdodgers80 says:

    i definitely need to see G.I. Joe, and i’m sure its going to sound great as well, been waiting for this to come out for a really long time and the wait is almost over.

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