T.H.E. Community is Back!

The Hollywood Edge would like to curtly re-introduce its community forums. There have been some server-switch/downtime problems and they haven’t been available as of late, but now all is well and ready for action!

For those unfamiliar, the community is simply a location for not only THE users, but for all amateur and professional musicians and sound designers to network and discuss the latest going-ons in the world of audio or entertainment. We also will be holding monthly contests in which you will be available to show off your creativity in a chance to win one of a select few sound effect sets from our inventory.

The first contest will arrive early next week, so look out for it! And in the meantime, check out one of our upcoming sets (see it within the next two weeks!) on YouTube and go introduce yourself on the forums!

And don’t forget there are always free sound effects waiting for you…


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