Community Contest Number 2

I’d like to kick off our second contest of which we hope to become a series.. We’ve created a video with very little sound. As you’ll see by watching it, it’s very boring and not entertaining at all to watch… The contestant’s job will be to take the ZIP file of sounds I’ve linked to at the bottom of this post, and make it entertaining.

Simple enough?

There are around 80 sound effects included, and you are free to use our 99 Free Sound Effects located on You’re welcome to dub any vocals you’d like, but to keep things fair we’re limiting the actual sound effect usage to what we’re providing for free.

Be creative– there’s a lot of sounds in there, some that would seem to fit in the video and some that would not. Don’t feel constricted to make things too “real;” explore what you can do with sounds that may not match the environment.

Your goal will be simply to make it entertaining, with a hope that any viewer will not feel that they’ve wasted two minutes of their lives by watching it. Be as abstract and creative and wacky as you’d like—this contest will be judged solely on entertainment.

First place will receive their choice of one of our new sets (Alien Machine Shop, The Edge 3, Cosmic Environments, or Musical Accents), while second and third place may choose between any of the Premiere Edition 8, 9 or 10 sets. Winning videos will put up here on the community and on our YouTube page. One entry per contestant.

Again, regardless of the number of contestants, if your creativity is even somewhere close to where I believe it to be, I believe that this will be a pretty entertaining gig. Be creative: don’t always adhere to what’s expected.

All entries will be due by Thanksgiving (you non-Americans can research what day that will be). Submit your entry on the contest thread. Good luck!

Click to download (.mp4 and .mp3 files, 94mb)

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One Response to Community Contest Number 2

  1. Josh says:

    Cool contest! Can the included free SFX be used in commercial productions too? What about the free SFX on your site?

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