From the Guild: 3D Sound?

Mix Stage 2 at Todd-AO in Burbank with Iosono installation.

Three-Dimensional Sound?
Iosono Installs Immersive Audio Process at Todd-AO

by Michael Kunkes

It is probably the oldest truism in the development of motion pictures that advancements in sound always follow developments in picture technology. This has been true since William K. Laurie Dickson first attempted synching music and voice to his boss Thomas Edison’s experiments in the 1890s. Today, with stereoscopic films finally becoming an economically viable and practical fixture in entertainment, it was only matter of time until a new audio technology bursts on the scene in an attempt to revolutionize audio post. With this in mind, Todd-AO’s mix stage two in Burbank has become the first post audio facility to be outfitted with “3-D Sound,” the proprietary immersive sound format created by Germany’s Iosono, Inc. (

Iosono, founded in 2004, is a spin-off of Germany’s Frauhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology, and was founded by Dr. Karlheinz Brandenburg, considered the father of MP3, AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) and other audio compression formats. Based on a principle called “wavefield synthesis” and with a unique algorithm first demonstrated in 2002, next-generation Iosono software systems with third-party speaker technology, have also been installed at the Mann Chinese Six in Hollywood, The Haunted Mansion at Disney World in Orlando, Los Angeles’ Museum of Tolerance, and other venues in Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Qatar. This is only the start. Iosono expects to have 50 theatres equipped for 3-D sound by the time the formal rollout is announced in 2010.

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