Jim Stout Spotlight

From Designing Sound, a little biography on award winning sound designer Jim Stout:

A new month means a new featured sound designer on Designing Sound, and here it is: Jim Stout, who has prepared lots of great stuff including videos, tutorials and more!


Located in Austin, TX- the “Live Music Capital of the World,” Jim Stout is no stranger to the world of sound design, he’s been programming synth sounds since he was only thirteen years old. And, with a background in music production, he eventually found his way into more complex sound design projects, and has been creating quite a buzz amongst fellow sound designers and musicians. Over the last seven years he has produced no less than ten sound effects libraries, working with respected companies like Megasonics, Sound Ideas, and the Hollywood Edge.

His library Tonal Atmospheres, released in 2009 by the Hollywood Edge, has been quoted as being “richly-layered ambiences that would fit perfectly in any sci-fi or horror project….[and] clean, useful and creative,” by Post Magazine’s Jennifer Arrowood. His most recent project, GameFX (also released by the Hollywood Edge), was just launched at the NAB show in Las Vegas in April and has also been received enthusiastically by the sound design community.

Jim was also an instrumental part of the sound design team with Roland, and you can really see his programming skills shine whenever you here the V-Synth/V-Synth GT. During his time with Roland, Jim also contributed greatly to the sounds in the Fantom series, the MV series, as well as the MC series.

Jim is currently working in collaboration with Richard Divine and Josh Kay on the greatly anticipated Mechanical Morph library, and you can get a sneak peak of the behind the scenes action in this month’s feature of Jim Stout.


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