Designing Sound – Exclusive Interview with Ann Scibelli

We had the opportunity to talk with the talented Ann Scibelli about her work as sound designer on Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood. Thanks to Ann for taking some time out to answer a few questions.

MIGUEL: How early did you start working on Robin Hood? What did you guys want to do different sonically than past medieval war films?

ANN: I started working on the film in its early stages, really as soon as they began assembling the first cut. As far as doing something sonically different, I think all the medieval films have the same elements really, like: horses, swords, and other weapons. I wanted this film to have a very accurate feel in terms of the backgrounds and I really wanted to concentrate my design on the bows and arrows to really create their own signature sound. I first started to develop all the background locations and the elements for the arrows. I did this even before I had any of the visual effects. I worked on the sounds for the battles, battering ram, swords, and horses.

Read the rest of the article here.


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