Post Magazine – CSS Facilities Recognized with Emmy Nominations

HOLLYWOOD – CSS Studios’ ( Todd-AO, Soundelux, Sound One and Modern Music facilities have received a total of seven Emmy nominations for sound work.

Todd-AO re-recording mixers Michael Minkler and Daniel J. Leahy received four nominations for “Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Mini-series or Movie” for HBO’s The Pacific (Parts Two, Five, Eight and Nine). Re-recording mixers Craig Mann and Marc Fishman each received one nomination in the category. The Todd-AO artists share the nominations with production mixers Andrew Ramage and Gary Wilkins.Soundelux supervising sound editor Tom Bellfort is nominated for “Outstanding Sound Editing for a Mini-series or Movie” for The Pacific (Part Five). He shares the nomination with artists from Soundelux, Modern Music, Todd-AO and other facilities, including supervising sound effects editor Benjamin Cook; supervising dialogue and ADR editor Daniel S. Irwin; sound effects editor Hector Gika; sound effects editors Charles Maynes and Paul Aulicino; dialogue and ADR editors John C. Stuver, David Williams and Michelle Pazer; music editor John Finklea; and Foley artists Jody Thomas and Katie Rose.

Todd-AO re-recording mixers Dennis Kirk and Alec St. John received a nomination for “Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy or Drama Series (Half-Hour)” for the Entourage episode “One Car, Two, Car, Red Car, Blue Car.” They share the nomination with production mixer Tom Stasinis.  And Sound One re-recording mixer Dominick Tavella received a nomination for “Outstanding Sound Mixing for Nonfiction Programming” for PBS’s The National Parks: America’s Best Idea.


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