Studio Daily– Todd-AO Upgrades Mixing Facilities

Just in time for the new TV season, Todd-AO upgraded its five TV mixing facilities. The upgrade was part of a two-year plan, said Senior VP of Engineering Bill Johnston at CSS Studios, Todd-AO’s parent company. “We first upgraded our projection with Projection Design‘s HD F-30 projection systems on all five TV stages, so the clients could run HD video,” he said. “That’s important for them to be able to view the final product in the mixing rooms presented the way they’d see it with full picture bandwidth. At the same time last year, we also updated our [Avid] Pro Tools systems with more digital signal processing power, so they could handle more tracks.”

This most recent upgrade was the last part of the plan. “We were one of the first places I know of back in 2000 to implement Pro Tools technology on our TV dubbing stages, and this is the first time since then that we’ve upgraded the controllers,” Johnston said. “It was our opportunity, after 10 years of running with older technology, to put in these new control surfaces.  For the mixers, it means that they have a lot more options in terms of control over Pro Tools. The new control surfaces have more knobs, it’s more logically laid out, and there are some major features in terms of being able to focus on particular tracks and access certain parameters more quickly.”

Read the rest of the story here.


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