HDD – Discrete 7.1 DTS-HD MA with POP Sound’s Tim Hoogenakker

Michael S. Palmer chats with Tim Hoogenakker, senior mixer for POP Sound in Santa Monica, California about the ins and outs of DTS sound mixing.

Raise your hand if you love surround sound. If you love to flip on a Blu-ray so well crafted it drops the collective jaws of friends and family. If you love to sit back at the end of a hard day and fall away into fantastic, terrifying, and triumphant cinema-made worlds by encasing your living room or home theater in heart-stopping bass and searing, swirling high notes.

If this was the Bosley Surround Sound Club for Men and Women, I would now say something like, “I’m not only the president…I’m also a member.”

Which makes it absolutely fantastic when companies like DTS want to update us about their innovative technologies, or put us in contact with the artisans who use these sonic advancements to impress us every time we turn on our A/V Receivers. Last month, we spoke with Dolby about bringing 7.1 to cinemas, but as it turns out, I got a few details wrong.

Read the rest of the story here.


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