Shoot Online – Rp& Embraces Cinema’s 5.1 Discrete Surround Sound For :60, Hits 50 Percent Of Screenvision Theaters

LOS ANGELES, November 04, 2010, Robert Goldrich — The medium can be the message–or at least do full justice to the message as reflected in “Inside Elliot’s Head,” a :60 which rp& (a marketing communications division of ad agency RPA) decided should only be shown in state-of-the-art discrete 5.1 surround sound-equipped movie theaters in order to properly convey the depth, power and richness of the ELS Audio System available in the Acura line of automobiles.

“Elliot” is six-time Grammy Award-winning recording engineer Elliot Scheiner who has tuned each Acura model’s 10-speaker system to reproduce the way music sounds in a recording studio. Scheiner also mixed this :60 which debuted in theaters last Friday nationwide and was directed by the team of Si & Ad via production houses Park Pictures stateside and Academy Films in the U.K.

Read the rest of the story here.


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