The Briefing Room – Soundelux’s Mark Stoeckinger Leads Sound Editing Team for “Unstoppable”

HOLLYWOOD— Soundelux Supervising Sound Editor Mark Stoeckinger recently completed work on Unstoppable, the new film from 20th Century Fox and Director Tony Scott. Stoeckinger, a 2-time Academy Award nominee, and his crew went to extraordinary lengths to create realistic sound elements for Scott’s thrilling story of a massive, out of control freight train, including traveling to points across the Southwestern United States to capture authentic railroad sounds.

“Tony Scott has created an amazing, dynamic, dramatic film,” says Stoeckinger, “and he makes exceptional use of sound to support and enhance the story.”

Unstoppable, states Stoeckinger, is a sound editor’s dream, but also a formidable challenge. Since much of the film takes place on trains racing at high speed, the sounds of straining engines and thundering cars is virtually ever present. “The challenge is to always keep it interesting and dramatic, and never let it become monotonous,” Stoeckinger observes. “The picture editors did an amazing job in cutting the film in a dynamic way, and that created a lot of opportunities for us to develop and creatively apply sound.”

Read the rest of the story here.


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